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Mario Molina

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Mario J Molina


"Scientists can depict the problems

that will affect the environment based on available evidence

but their solution is not the responsibility of scientists

but of society as a whole".

What About Mario Molina (1943-2020)

"Collaborating to Create Change"

Mario was originally from Mexico and later had dual citizenship with the US.

We met in San Diego, CA for the interview and photo shoot in preparation for the painting. 

MARIO MOLINA began doing chemistry experiments in his bathroom at a young age. Many years later, along with Professor Sherry Rowland at U.C. Irvine, Dr. Molina developed the "CFC-ozone depletion theory" which revealed that the continued release of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) into the atmosphere would cause a significant depletion of the Earth's stratospheric ozone layer. They worked tirelessly to inform scientists, policy makers, news papers and testified before legislators. In 1995, 21 years later they were awarded the Nobel prize and CFCs were banned in 1996. They helped implement the Montreal Protocol, which is considered the most successful treaty ever negotiated and implemented. With the unified effort of people all over the world, it resulted with the ozone layer effectively increasing density in the upper stratosphere.

MARIO SAID ON FINDING HIS PASSION: "Finding out for myself, for the first time, how something works is really an enormous driving force."

MARIO SAID ON COLLABORATION: "Climate change, like depletion of the ozone layer, is proof of the damage human activities exert on earth at the global level. Solutions require the commitment of all sectors of society. Mitigation strategies and adaptation measures need the collaboration of the scientific community, economists, technology and energy experts, entrepreneurs, decision makers and the general population."

MARIO SAID ON RESOURCES: "..the planet is just too small for these developing countries to repeat the economic growth in the same way that the rich countries have done it in the past. We don't have enough natural resources, We don't have enough atmosphere. Clearly, something has to change."

MARIO SAID ON INVESTMENT: "We can say, 'Let our grandchildren worry about it.' But it's harder to change later. We invest in their children's education, even though it doesn't pay off for decades. Why not the planet?"

MARIO SAID ON RESPONSIBILITY: "It would be very irresponsible for our generation not to act."

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