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Helene Gayle

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Helene Gayle


"We know women and girls have a unique power to reshape societies.

When you invest in a woman's health and empowerment,

it has a ripple effect,

helping families, communities, and countries achieve long-lasting benefits"

What About Helene Gayle

"Investing in Women"

Helene Gayle was born and raised in Buffalo, NY.

We met in Atlanta, GA for the interview and photo shoot in preparation for the painting. 

DR HELENE GAYLE has accomplished much in her career. This site will focus on her work at Care as President and CEO 2006 - 2015. At CARE, she headed one of the world's premier humanitarian organizations, with programs in nearly 70 countries to end poverty. She developed programs that focused on the health of mothers, education of girls and microfinancing for women's small bsinesses.

HELENE SAYS ON CHALLENGES: "The global moral challenge of this century is gender equality."

HELENE SAYS ON POTENTIAL: "Ultimately, the imperative on all of us is to allow everyone to have their full potential as human beings. And that we can leave the world a better place than when we got on."

HELENE SAYS ON CONNECTIONS: "In my career, the more I go, I see we really are all the same species and interconnected. There is a connection between all people no matter what the external circumstances, I realize how similar we all are and how connected we are as a human species. We all want the same thing."

HELENE SAYS ON POVERTY: "No matter how you measure it, women and girls bear the brunt of poverty. But it's also clear that women are also our greatest hope for ending it. We at CARE have long believed that if you change the life of a girl or woman, you don't just change that individual, you change her family and then her community."

Find out more about Helene by listening to her Interview and reading her Bio and Quotes.


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