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Frederick A Murphy

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Frederick A Murphy


"...pushing back the envelope and saving the world. I hope a few of you... will choose careers that will affect the the future of our civilization...Mega-challenges facing future generations-food, shelter, energy, environment, health etc. If we are to deal with such challenges, which are of such great complexity then some of you are going to have to step up and take over. I hope one of you wins a Nobel Prize."*

*University of Guelph, Ireland, Commencement Speech


What About Fred Murphy

"Protecting Humanity"

Fred's grandparents emigrated from Ireland and the Czech Republic.

We met in Galveston, TX for the interview and photo shoot in preparation for the painting. 

FRED has made significant contributions that benefit society and advance the veterinary profession through his research work on viruses impacting animals and humans. In addition, he has highlighted the critical importance of new and emerging diseases of animal origin as the major cause of these new illnesses, and he has provided leadership at national and international levels..." Penn Vet World Leadership Award recognition 2006.

FRED SAYS ON LEADERSHIP: "The role of professional responsibility and leadership plays beyond that of technical competence in order to have meaningful impact on society."

FRED SAYS : "Have a sense of excellence. Competence is not good enough. What the world needs is engineers, scientists and veterinarians to revolutionize their professions.

ED SAYS ON A CAREER: "The drivers for all scientists include the joy of discovery, esteem of peers ... an endless career path, with no boring plateau, and doing something worthwhile."

ED SAYS ON FAMILY: "Family is such a fragile thing, such a changing thing, ... but it is the most important thing in life. I will say that my family life has been an incredible foundation block for my professional life."

Find out more about Fred by listening to his Interview and reading his Bio.

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