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Edward Ira Moses

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Edward Ira Moses


"If it's not challenging, it's probably not very interesting and if there is no adversity, it's probably not very interesting to anyone else.

I always try to think of them as opportunities, part of the game that's always changing.

You have to anticipate and mitigate the effect."

What About Ed Moses

"Bringing Star Power to Earth"

Ed's mother's family fled from Russia and Lithuania and his father escaped from the Nazi Germany before WWII. 

We met in Livermore, CA for the interview and photo shoot in preparation for the painting. 

Ed's imagination was caught as a young child by the first satellite to circle the earth. Later when in college he was fascinated by a laser light demonstration. He eventually worked on the largest lasers that humankind has ever built.

ED SAYS ON LEADERSHIP: "...abstracting the message from the noise. Good leaders finally do that. You think, What's a good speech? What's good art? It's a very succinct statement of the conditions that exist."

ED SAYS ON RELATIONSHIPS: He "loves solving hard problems with others who are talented in a variety of ways. It takes a whole group to find a solution to a big problem."

ED SAYS ON CAREER: "Keep in mind, play to your strengths (and everyone is strong somewhere.) And that's where you can provide the most and provide in a way that you enjoy."

ED SAYS ON TEAMWORK: "The most important thing I learned was that what looked to other people like big technical problems are really big social problems. I know we can solve the technical difficulties, but can we work together as a team?"

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