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Anna Halprin

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Anna Halprin


"I believe

if more of us could contact the natural world

in a directly experimental way

this would alter the way we treat

our environment, ourselves, and one another."

What About Anna Halprin

"Transforming Life Though Dance"

Anna's grandparents were Lithuanian immigrants who fled Eastern Europe at the turn of the century.

We met in Kentfield, CA for the interview and photo  shoot in preparation for the painting.

ANNA's transformative dance work has given voice to forgotten groups, people of color, the aged and the terminally ill. 

She found that movement helped people get in touch with their feelings..
She found that drawing helped put shape to their feelings.
She learned how to connect movement with emotion and imagery through Gestalt Therapy to help terminally ill people. 

Now she teaches people to put the three together in a way that helps them deal with their problems and create a new life for themselves. They envision, draw, write and act out their own story for the future!

ANNA SAYS ON DANCE: "Dance gives people an awareness of the potential of rhythm and movement in their daily life."

ANNA SAYS ON LEARNING: "A dancer learns the science of body movement, rhythmic elements of force and space and relationships of moving with other people. Movement experiences get shaped into ideas, pattern and form."

ANNA SAYS ON EXPRESSION: "Dance is an expressive mind flowing through the muscles and nerves."

ANNA SAYS ON CREATIVITY: "Each dance should be a creation in itself -- a completed drama that captures the essence of the dancer's life in that one moment."

Find out more about Anna by listening to her Interview and reading her Bio and Quotes.

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